Monday, September 5, 2011

SOLD!!!!!!!!!! We are building with Ryan Homes

I really dont know where to began.... I guess I should first by saying how extremely blessed we are to be building our very first home!!!! My husband and I started are home search about 1 year ago.... We first decided to look at resale homes thinking that we couldnt afford to build a home.... But after of a year of searching we  thought we should explore more options..... So I researched alot of builders in the area and we found Ryan homes. Not only where the homes beautiful they where affordable!!! So we went out and met with the Sales Rep and viewed the 3 different model homes that Ryan had available in the community. Out of all 3 homes we fell in love with the Sienna model it met all of our needs plus gave us some room to grow into.... So we decided to go for it we choose a lot and put I earnest money deposit down and filled out all the preliminary information to get the ball rolling.... 1 week later we where meeting with Guardian and CTI I was kind of nervous to be meeting with them without getting the final ok with from NVR.... My husband had no worries because he said he knew that our loan was going to be approved I on the other hand worried for 2 weeks until they called us to tell us that our loan had been approved :)

So fast forward till know.. Its been a little over a month since we signed our contract with Ryan Homes now we are waiting for our Pre- Construction meeting I emailed our Sales Rep and she said that she thinks the meeting will take place in early October....  We thought things would be happening sooner than that. I houses is scheduled to be finished in January so technically we still have alot of time....I guess just for us its just frustrating it seems like things are moving in slow motion now.... We are really anxious for them to break ground and start building our new home :)


  1. Congrats and Welcome to Ryan blogger community!! If you have any questions, concerns, praises, venting, or chit chat feel free to post :)

    The time before groundbreak feel like watiching grass growing. Its almost painfull! BUT once you get the permits and breakground it goes up right before your eyes! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks! Yea you nailed it thats exactly what it feels like! Cant wait till they get all the permits!

  3. Congratulations and Welcome to our little Ryan Homes are sooo right about how slow it can help fill the time you need to tell us all about your options, Guardian and CTI selections, and of course ALL of your color selections...that will keep your mind off the grass growing for an hour or so. Again congrats and welcome!!!

  4. Congrats!!! I am new to this blogging thing also, so from a newbie to a newbie- WELCOME! I can't wait to read about your selections, and post lots of pics, pls! :) Congrats, again!