Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2 of Digging

Hello everyone :) Not much to say today our SR sent us picture of what they have done so far! Can't wait to go out there this weekend :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Time Has Finally Come!!!!!

Our First Picture!
So my husband and I had our pre-construction meeting last thursday everything went well.... We are scheduled to close on January 15th 2012. But are project manager is pretty confident that it will be finished sometime in December! We were really surprised to hear that! So now count down time is starting. To top everything off we got an email from our Sales Rep they started digging which was super news! We are so excited! I really wanted to go and see what they did today but because our new house is about 30 mins away we werent able to go out because of our tight schedule but will make it down sometimes this week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Good News :)

Today our SR called and scheduled our appointment with our project manger Jay we are so excited we are meeting on October 6th and they will start bulding the following week. We are so excited its finally happening!

For those who have already done this phase if you can give me some helpful advise as to what to expect or some question to ask that would be great!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ok still waiting on a pre-construction date my husband and I our growing very anxious but we both know its coming soon. We expected to be excited but never this anxious! We just cant wait till they finally break ground. But in the mean time I can update you guys on our selections and upgrades......

We are building the Sienna Elevation B
Siding- Mastic Wicker
Shudders- Enduring Bronze
Front Door- Gray
Garage- Taupe

Butter Rum Laminate
Recessed Lighting
Kitchen Island
Maple Spice Cabinets
All black appliances

Great Room:
Fire Place - Slate with mantle

Basement -
Recessed lighting

In our Master Bath we choose a luxary shower (No soaking tub)

Flooring: We upgrade the padding and  choose New Pastry  for our Great Room, Steps leadin upstairs and all the bedrooms up stairs, and French Bread for the Basement.
 We choose hardwood flooring (Tropical Cherry) for the Kitchen, Mud Room, Powder Room, and Foyer.

Guardian- we really didnt spend to much extra money on guardian we upgraded our security system by adding motion sensors, fire smoke detector, and fire heat...

All in all I think we made some really good selections we tried not to go overboard. We just did the ones we felt where most important to us and the rest can be done in our own time once we are in the house.

Monday, September 5, 2011

SOLD!!!!!!!!!! We are building with Ryan Homes

I really dont know where to began.... I guess I should first by saying how extremely blessed we are to be building our very first home!!!! My husband and I started are home search about 1 year ago.... We first decided to look at resale homes thinking that we couldnt afford to build a home.... But after of a year of searching we  thought we should explore more options..... So I researched alot of builders in the area and we found Ryan homes. Not only where the homes beautiful they where affordable!!! So we went out and met with the Sales Rep and viewed the 3 different model homes that Ryan had available in the community. Out of all 3 homes we fell in love with the Sienna model it met all of our needs plus gave us some room to grow into.... So we decided to go for it we choose a lot and put I earnest money deposit down and filled out all the preliminary information to get the ball rolling.... 1 week later we where meeting with Guardian and CTI I was kind of nervous to be meeting with them without getting the final ok with from NVR.... My husband had no worries because he said he knew that our loan was going to be approved I on the other hand worried for 2 weeks until they called us to tell us that our loan had been approved :)

So fast forward till know.. Its been a little over a month since we signed our contract with Ryan Homes now we are waiting for our Pre- Construction meeting I emailed our Sales Rep and she said that she thinks the meeting will take place in early October....  We thought things would be happening sooner than that. I houses is scheduled to be finished in January so technically we still have alot of time....I guess just for us its just frustrating it seems like things are moving in slow motion now.... We are really anxious for them to break ground and start building our new home :)