Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ok still waiting on a pre-construction date my husband and I our growing very anxious but we both know its coming soon. We expected to be excited but never this anxious! We just cant wait till they finally break ground. But in the mean time I can update you guys on our selections and upgrades......

We are building the Sienna Elevation B
Siding- Mastic Wicker
Shudders- Enduring Bronze
Front Door- Gray
Garage- Taupe

Butter Rum Laminate
Recessed Lighting
Kitchen Island
Maple Spice Cabinets
All black appliances

Great Room:
Fire Place - Slate with mantle

Basement -
Recessed lighting

In our Master Bath we choose a luxary shower (No soaking tub)

Flooring: We upgrade the padding and  choose New Pastry  for our Great Room, Steps leadin upstairs and all the bedrooms up stairs, and French Bread for the Basement.
 We choose hardwood flooring (Tropical Cherry) for the Kitchen, Mud Room, Powder Room, and Foyer.

Guardian- we really didnt spend to much extra money on guardian we upgraded our security system by adding motion sensors, fire smoke detector, and fire heat...

All in all I think we made some really good selections we tried not to go overboard. We just did the ones we felt where most important to us and the rest can be done in our own time once we are in the house.


  1. Your selections sound wonderful...I had to laugh while reading your Flooring selections - were you hungry when you made your choices...all of them have something to do with food...can't wait to follow your progress!!!

  2. Ha BD is right...sounds like a frech bakery! I'll take the Frech bread to start with followed by some New Pastry and for dessert I'll have some Butter Rum!!!!

    You'll break ground in no time...then it will fly by! :)

  3. Butter Rum laminate is pretty. Was the soaking tub an upgrade? I couldn't imagine my bathroom without a tub...probably bc I prefer baths over showers :)

  4. Lol! same thing I told my husband about our selections. @ Jay and Danielle- we upgraded and got the just the shower.... We take more showers than baths plus when we went to the model we just loved the way it looked

  5. Hey! Glad to have found your blog! I am so excited to see another fellow blogger building a Sienna!
    I know exactly how slow time goes after all the selections, and we just had our pre-construction meeting this past Monday, and time is still going really really slow. So I hope that when things start happening, days will start flying by.

    I am so jealous about the shower you added, I wish we had added it too, but we were really trying to stay under a certain amount price wise so we decided the extra grand or so would be too much to spend on the shower.. we may eventually change things around, but just not right now.

    Where are you building? (If you don't mind me asking)

  6. @ Absolut-I hope the days fly for the both of us. I understand about keeping the cost down we held of on somethings knowing it can be done at a later time.
    We are building in St Charles (Waldorf Md) our Subdivision is called Glenn Eagles.... Where are you building?

  7. Hello, I am building a sienna home with Ryan Homes in Boiling Springs,SC. my home will be built in August,I am glad i looked @ this posts so i can get some ideas your home looks great. do you have any inside pictures?